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No. 46 Squadron was a squadron of both the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Air Force. It was formed in 1916 and has been disbanded and reformed four times before its last disbandment in 1975. It served in both World War 1 and World War 2. Please see our History section which is organised into the 9 eras of our operations.

The Squadron’s Association is unique in its having held annual Reunion Dinners continuously since 1918. The 102nd Reunion was held on Saturday the 1st of June 2019 at the Halton House Officers’ Mess RAF Halton; please see the Squadron’s newsletter in the Members’ Crewroom Newsletter section. Please note that  Squadron members can download hi-res pictures from Dropbox. Paul Minder has sent me an SD card with pictures of his time on 46 Squadron on it, please click here to view. It would be great if other members sent me pictures of their time on the Squadron either by data stick, SD card or Dropbox. Peter Gifkins daughter, Jenny,  sent me hard copies of her father’s pictures which I scanned, click here to view.

The 103rd Reunion was to have been held at RAF Benson but it was cancelled because of Covid19 restrictions. so instead we held a virtual Reunion using Zoom on Saturday 6 June 2020. Thirty-six members had a most enjoyable evening reminiscing and remembering old colleagues and interesting times.

Our website is designed primarily for Association members but we recognise that our history and heritage are of interest to many other people and we, therefore, try to maintain as accurate and interesting a history content as possible. If you have any additional information or pictures you think would be of interest, then please let the Secretary know at dougiebarr (@) or complete the contact form on the Website. Equally, if you spot any mistakes or inaccuracies please let him know. The Association complies with the GDPR, click here for   No 46 Squadron Association Data Privacy Policy

The Website content has been drawn from the Squadron’s own scrapbooks and personal volumes donated by former members. Most of the sections are in PDF format which can take some time to download but at least you will have them on your device forever!


Version:  Dated 2 August 2019.

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Heroes of La GorgueHeroes of Droglandt,  Heroes of Izel Le Hameau, Heroes of Suttons Farm.