Call to Arms

The One Hundred and Fourth Consecutive Reunion Dinner of
No. 46 Squadron RFC & RAF

There will be a Reunion on the 5th of June 2021 but where it will be is depends on how the Ovid 19 situation develops. Stayed tuned for further details. In the meantime, if we do have a normal Reunion it will follow the format shown below.


Afternoon tea with biscuits will set off the proceedings at 4 pm; the scrapbooks, models, books and memorabilia will be placed in the Gold Room.


Our bar will be manned from 5 pm, although you will be able to help yourself to the odd sherbet from about 4 pm. There will be a Champagne Reception with canapes from about 6pm. Dinner will follow in the splendid Salon Room at 8 pm which will consist of Health and Strength, four courses, fine wines, Port and Madeira, liqueurs and coffee, together with the wit and repartee which is the ‘SPIRIT OF 46’. The Cholsey Silver Band will play during Dinner until the Loyal Toast; their repertoire will, of course, include our fantastic new march as well as our trusty Sussex by the Sea. The Ladies’ Supper will be held in the Gold Room. Please do remember that you are most welcome to invite up to 2 guests to Dinner and up to 3 Ladies for Supper. If you would like formal invitation cards for your guests, let me know on the form; also indicate if you would like me to include a copy of the ‘SPIRIT OF 46’ booklet which explains our strange customs.

The preferred dress is mess kit or dinner jacket with miniatures, but a dark lounge suit is perfectly acceptable.


I have made a group booking for 30 rooms at the Holiday Inn Aylesbury Bucks HP22 5QT. The special rate is £94.00 Single Occupancy or £99.00 Double/Twin Occupancy including breakfast. Please make your booking directly with the Hotel on 01296 734026, before the 1st of May; after that rooms and prices are not guaranteed. The booking reference is DB1 and they will ask for a credit card number to secure your room. Please note that this rate is refundable up to 5 days before; however, if you book online you can probably get a cheaper non-refundable price, your choice. A coach will depart the Hotel at 17:30 and leave the Officers’ Mess at midnight. There will be only one departure from the Hotel and from the Mess

Hardship Fund

A fund exists to enable members who cannot afford to attend, to do so without charge. So, if you would like to attend, please drop me a line or give me a call, no one else will know. I now have sufficient in the kitty to meet all likely calls on the Hardship Fund; so all donations will now go to the “Drinks Kitty”. 


Over the years, many members who have not been able to attend have been kind enough to send donations. As well as paying for the administrative costs of the Reunion, these generous contributions have enabled those who have answered the ‘Call to Arms to imbibe free of charge. As a way of saying thank you, menu cards are prepared for our benefactors and are subsequently mutilated at Dinner.

Over recent years the cost of the Reunion has significantly exceeded the monies I have received. However, we had accumulated a prudent reserve which remains reasonably healthy and the charge for Dinner has remained at £65 for the past 5 years despite escalating costs.


Feedback from members is that the “news, gossip and scandal” section of Cheeeeriooo, our newsletter, is much appreciated. The contents come directly from your input in your reply to me. Let your mates know what you are up to and share any news you may have. The Newsletter is sent to all those who send donations as well as those who attended Dinner.

 And Finally

After our wonderful centenary Reunion, attendance at the 101st was, not unsurprisingly, lower but with nearly 50 Members and guests taking Dinner, it turned out to be a really enjoyable evening.  I’m sure that this year’s will prove equally enjoyable with old friends and comrades reminiscing in the historic setting of the Rothschild Manor. I need to know who is coming by the 1st of May, so please don’t leave the ‘Call to Arms’ in the pending tray, I’ve even provided a pre-addressed envelope. I will make a refund if you are subsequently unable to attend on the night. On the other hand, I always keep a few seats available for last minute attendees; if, towards the end of May, you find you can come after all, then telephone me on 01491 614204 or 07786 277771 but please do not leave it too close to the wire. The Reunion is not only great fun but, because of the generosity of our Benefactors, it is also remarkably good value for money, so come along for the 102nd

Cheeeeeeeeeeerio 46 First Today


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