No 46 Squadron Heroes of La Gorgue.

No 46 Squadron Heroes of La Gorgue

12th May to 6th July 1917


The biographies in this PDF are based on the book, “Des Hommes sur les terres et les chemins des Dames” 1914-1918; by Serge Comini (Président de l’association Abbaye de Beaupré, Etude et Sauvegarde du Site) The book is an amazing piece of scholarly research which details those aircrew and some groundcrew (for which there are records) who served in the RFC and RNAS squadrons based at La Gorgue in France during the First World War. The narrative, originally in French, has been translated by David Adams and edited by Dougie Barr and John Dimmock but remains the copyright of Serge. The photographs are copyrighted, where applicable, by the owners indicated in the Book. This document is not to be copied or distributed without permission of the copyright owners.

The following are remembered with pride:


Philip ˝Babs˝ Babington,                    Edward Pellew Plenty,                         Rodney Wilfred ˝Daddy˝ Heath, 

 Stuart Harvey Pratt,                            Clive Alexander Brewster-Joske,     Francis Logan ˝Lux˝ Luxmoore,

 Cecil James ˝Chaps˝ Marchant,      Kenneth William ˝Mac˝ McDonald,           George ˝Bob˝ Pollard,       

 Francis Bell (Frank) Baragar           Cedric Leopold Gunnery,                   James Pedraza  Stephen ,    

Norman Herford ˝Normie˝ Dimmock,                                            Algernon Frederick ˝Algy˝ Bird,     

 Charles Courtneidge,                        Ronald Stuart ˝Warbabe˝ Asher,      Lancelot Montgomery Shadwell,

 Robert Leighton Moore Ferrie,        Eric Armitage,                                       Charles Walter Odell,      

  Arthur Stanley Gould Lee,             David Rose Cameron,                            Norman Stuart Caudwell,

  William George Cooke,                   Frederick Harold Maden Eberlin      Austin Lloyd Fleming,  

  Arthur Randolph Fortin,                Eric Yorath ˝Taffy˝ Hughes,                Evelyn Herbert Lascelles,

  Selden Herbert ˝Tubby˝ Long,    Andrew Park Mitchell,          Maurice Douglas Guest ˝Nobby˝ Scott,

  George EdwinThomson                  Henry Alfred Charles Tonks,                    Percy William Wilcox

  Samuel Walter ˝Pic˝ Williams. 


Cecil Francis Bate,                                   Henry Walter Grover,     

Francis Le Neve Potter,                         William Spencer.

The photographs below are taken from the collection of the late Captain (later Wing Commander) Normie Dimmock AFC who served on No 46 Squadron during the First World War. Read his biography here. This PDF captions the photographs with the details we have.

Heroes of Le Gorgue
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