Rolls of Honour

The Great War

Died of Wounds  received in combat

Captain                                    J W W Nason  26 December 1917
Lieutenant C A F Brown 26 December 1917
Second Lieutenant C F Long13 April 1917
Second Lieutenant J P Stephen 23 May 1917
Second Lieutenant S R Hanafy  23 November 1917
Second Lieutenant H Walsh 20 December 1917
Captain R L M Ferrie  3 January 1918
Second Lieutenant E Smith 29 April 1918
Second LieutenantL L Saunders 4 October 1918

Died of Injuries not received in combat

Second LieutenantF W Nisbet14 February 1917
Air MechanicP E Knightly14 February 1917
Second LieutenantC L Gunnery22 May 1917
Second LieutenantA J Ballantyne10 November 1917
LieutenantW J Shorter24 March 1918
Second LieutenantF C Bailey28 March 1918
Second LieutenantH J McQueen4 September 1918
Second LieutenantN Bruce19 September 1918Collision in Air
Second LieutenantH P Clarke1 October 1918
Second LieutenantC H Sawyer8 October 1918
Second LieutenantW G Coulthurst10 November 1918Collision in Air
Second LieutenantG E Dowler10 November 1918Collision in Air

Reported Dead and Presumed Dead        


Second LieutenantH A C Tonks21 June 1917
Second LieutenantC Pickstone3 September 1917
Second LieutenantR S Asher21 September 1917
Second LieutenantA A Allen11 October 1917
LieutenantR E Angus20 November 1917
Second LieutenantR E Dusgate30 November 1917
Second LieutenantJ W Muir12 March 1918
CaptainS P Smith6 April 1918
LieutenantL C Hickey2 May 1918
Second LieutenantR L C Skinner3 May 1918
LieutenantR Moore12 August 1918
Second LieutenantJ E Crouch14 August 1918
LieutenantH Toulmin17 September 1918
LieutenantH C Saunders18 September 1918
Second LieutenantN F Moxon29 September 1918
Second LieutenantJ O’Donoghue4 November 1918
Second LieutenantW W StewartWounded 4 March 1917Died 5 March 1917
Second LieutenantE ArmitageWounded 30 September 1917Died 4 October 1917
Second LieutenantG P KayWounded 27 June 1917Died 29 June 1917
Second LieutenantE G McLeodWounded 22 November 1917Died 23 November 1917
LieutenantK W McDonaldWounded 3 September 1917Death accepted 23 February 1918

Preparation for War and First Contact with the Enemy

SergeantRogers17 November 1936Gauntlet
Flying Officer Walter Thomas Scott378326 March 1940aged 27

Norway and HMS Glorious

Killed in Action above Norway.

Pilot  OfficerNeville Lavis Banks40979age 25,died 29 May 1939
Flying Officer  Jack Wykeham Lydall39669age 21,died 29 May 1939

Missing following the sinking of HMS Glorious on 6 June 1940

Pilot  OfficerLancelot G.B. Bunker70845age 25,
Flying Officer Robert M.J. Cowles39783age 21,
Flying Officer  Philip J. Frost,29978age 21,
Flying OfficerHerbert H. Knight, 70374age 21,
Flying OfficerMichael C.F.Mee,37414age 23
Flight SergeantEdward Shackley,513599age 27
Flight LieutenantCharles R.D. Stewart,37512age 23
SergeantBernard L. Taylor, 564769age 23

Here is the full list of those who perished on HMS Glorious

The Battle of Britain

No 46 Squadron’s “Few”

Killed during the Battle of Britain while serving with No 46 Squadron

Sergeant                   S Andrew
Pilot Officer             J  C  L  D Bailey
Pilot Officer             A M Cooper-Key
Pilot Officer             J D Crossman                       Australian
Sergeant                   G H Edgworthy
Squadron Leader    L N Gaunce                           Canadian
Pilot Officer             P S Gunning
Pilot Officer             W B Pattullo
Sergeant                   W A Peacock
Flying Officer          R P Plummer

Flew with No 46 Squadron during the Battle of Britain but were killed in action or died in the course of their duties before the War’s end,

Flying Officer           F Austin
Sergeant                    E Bloor
Sergeant                    R L Earp
Sergeant                    R E de J’a Hamale               Belgian
Pilot Officer              A E Johnson
Pilot Officer              P W Le Fevre
Pilot Officer              H Morgan-Gray
Flight Lieutenant     A C Rabagliati
Pilot Officer              R Reid
Sergeant                    E Tyrer
Sergeant                    H E Black
Flight Sergeant         E E Williams

Malta and the Mediterranean Campaign

Died in combat during Aegean Operations 1943-44

Wing CommanderG A Reid3 March 1943
Squadron LeaderW H Cuddie3 March 1943
Flying OfficerL E M Coote3 March 1943
Flight SergeantH E Bruck18 October 1943
Flying Officer RCAFJ A Horsfall14 November 1943
Flight SergeantJ R Colley14 November 1943
Warrant OfficerR Lindsey14 November 1943
Flight SergeantA C A Gardener14 November 1943
Flight Lieutenant SAA Taylor6 March 1944
Pilot OfficerR Pearce6 March 1944
Flight SergeantV Lacey3 April 1944
Flight SergeantR E Brown3 April 1944
Flight Sergeant RAAFA Lord7 June 1944
Flight SergeantT Dawes7 June 1944

Post World War Two


Flying Officer               Francis William Douglas,         24, Australian
Flight Lieutenant.        Cooper,                                        25,
Flight Lieutenant         Gordon Couldrey,                      28. Canadian
Flight Sergeant             John Martin Coad,                    25.
Flying Officer                Ian Rees Cowan, ,                      22  Australian
Flight Sergeant.            Franck Reginald Jones,            22,
Pilot Officer                   Archibald Kenzie McMillan,    22,. Canadian
Sergeant                         Alan Reginald Phipps,               20,
Flight Sergeant             Alexander McKenzie Ross,        21,


Research underway.


Research underway.


Wing Commander F. Birchfield,   Pilot.             12 June 1956.
Flying Officer         B. Chambers,   Navigator.   12 June 1956


Siena/Ampugnano Airport. 8 April 1972.

Sergeant Brian Bastable , 28, Air Quartermaster.

Sergeant Joseph Raymond (Ray) Morris , 53, Ground Engineer.

We will remember them

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